Vitamin G – Gratitude

Day 186


I am grateful for my life, for its gifts and blessings.

No matter what my day brings forth, I will remember that I always have much to be grateful for.  

I choose to put my attention on what is right and working and abundant in my life, and feel grateful for it all.


Gratitude is one of the most transformative emotions because it is easily and readily available to everyone at any time.  There is always *something* we can find to be grateful for, even on the most trying of days.  When we find that perspective point and feel gratitude, our energy immediately shifts to a better, higher vibration.  We are instantly up-lifted.  Gratitude is free, accessible and easy to use.  It doesn’t require a prescription.  Choosing the perspective of gratitude, especially during difficult times, not only makes those times easier, it also aides in preventing negative states from taking root in the body and creating illness.  Whatever challenges you’re facing today, finding a point of gratitude will make them easier.  Even if you’re feeling great about life, deliberately choosing to feel grateful will enhance an already good thing.  Putting our attention on that which we are grateful for does for the spirit what taking a vitamin does for the body- it enhances your natural state of well-being and keeps you going in that same direction. 



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