Go Outside and Play

Day 192


I appreciate the importance of play in my life.

I make time for being playful without concern for what others think.

I take part in activities that promote abandon, presence, surrender and freedom.

I smile and laugh often and engage in activities that promote smiling and laughing.


Children  innately know what many adults have forgotten– that play is a crucial part of well being (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).  Consider– A child freely engaged in play is fully present in the NOW, centered in the moment and their being.  A child freely engaged in play is passionate about what they’re doing (passion is an expression of Creator Energy).  A child freely engaged in play is stimulating his brain by using imagination, role playing, problem-solving, strategizing and more.  And a child freely engaged in play is releasing beneficial chemicals (like endorphins) into his body. That child is living in the Truest sense of the word.

But one day the same child who put play before all else is an adult who’s so busy working 40+ hours a week, paying bills, and taking care of a family that he’s forgotten his once glorious purpose in life altogether.  He’s forgotten to play.

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we should stop playing, in fact it’s to our detriment if we do!  Taking on the responsibilities of adulthood doesn’t mean we have to stop being play-full !  We need balance.  As the proverb says, “All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.”  We need to CHOOSE to make time to lose ourselves in play.  To simply surrender to the moment and have FUN. To re-experience the joy of silliness and laughter.  We need to allow ourselves to be free in the abandon and the indulgence of play.  We need to feel that passion as a part of our daily life.  If we allow it, play connects us to the Divine and allows our spirits to soar.


Original Wham-O Hula Hoop  and Twister  from Amazon because we are NEVER too old!

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