Perceiving the Illusion of Fear

Day 171


Fear exists nowhere but in the perception of a future moment, therefore I remain fully present and existent in the moment that is here and now.

I have the power to prevent my thoughts from moving from reality to fear, and I use that power willfully.

I refuse to let fear dis-able me with thoughts of what could, might or will be.


Fears are created when a situation is considered and determined to hold the potential for physical or emotional danger. It is the anticipation of a situation that produces fear, not the current reality.  We experience fear in the present moment but it always arises from the perception of a future event.   A fear of flying is about what could happen.  A fear of heights is about what might happen.   A fear of death is about what will (or won’t) happen.  Every fear, when dissected, reveals itself to be a what could be situation, not a what is.  If I am afraid of snakes, then suddenly find myself in a pit of them, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of the snakes themselves, but that they might bite me.  If I am being bitten, my fear in that present moment will no longer be of being bitten, but of that bite being poisonous.  I may continue to be in fear but the fear will continue to be about the next what if.    By consciously choosing thoughts that are about the present moment, and refusing to engage thoughts about what is not yet present, we can free ourselves from the crippling and dis-abling effects of fear.   Remember, fears are always about the un-real, because nothing exists but what IS. 


Choose your perception

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