Saying Goodnight

Day 239


I completely surrender today’s trials, disappointments and concerns over to the Universe, to work through on my behalf.

I release all unpleasant emotions I have carried with me today.

I free myself of today’s worries, upsets and frustrations.

Tomorrow is a new day, a fresh start, a new beginning.

Tomorrow I will begin life anew, in peace and faith.


Some days are just more effort than any should be.  Some days seem to be overflowing with challenges and struggles, both perceived and real.  Some days we wish we could just disappear.  And it’s on those days that we can find comfort in the sun’s departure, because at night, during sleep, we can disappear.  For a few hours we are able to journey into our subconscious, dreams and the astral world.  But before going to sleep we need to release pent-up stress and emotions. If we don’t we’re likely to sleep horribly and wake with the same stresses, possibly magnified, in our consciousness.  The release can be spoken, thought, drawn, written, visualized, exhaled, or chanted–it makes no difference how it’s done. Once the day’s troubles are truly surrendered (to the Universe/God/Self) sleep should come easily, and when we reawaken into our physical lives in the morning, we can do so with a new outlook, a fresh hope.

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