Redecorating for Optimism

Day 238


I am an optimistic, positive being.

I allow only that which is positive to reside in my world.

I surround myself with positive energy.

I consciously choose and create a positive environment where I live and work.


While the external world mirrors the internal, it also has the power to influence the inner world.  If the morning is off to a rocky start, threatening to throw you into imbalance with first light, an external environment filled with peaceful, loving energy will support your return to harmony whereas a chaotic, tense environment will only support a further fall from center.  It’s important that we take time periodically to look around our environments and assess the energy that dominates, making changes where necessary and possible.

Some examples of environmental negatives are:

  • dark, brooding, depressing colors
  • artwork that depicts or promotes negative action/emotion
  • music, television and video games that focus on negative situations or excessive drama
  • food that is overly processed, has chemical additives, or promotes lack of health
  • animals and people whose dominant energy is negative
  • items that evoke unpleasant memories
  • clothes that make us feel unattractive
  • clutter, disorder and mess
  • lack of natural light

No environment is always free of negative influences,but those negative influences should never be allowed to dominate.  Imagine you’ve been asked to design a business that creates, promotes and sells only well-being and health. You’ve been told it should be a place where every customer feels uplifted, revitalized, calmed and centered as they enter. Well the business is your world and the #1 customer is you.

Look around your personal spaces– the bedroom, home, car and work area– where you find negativity, consider redecorating for optimism, health and tranquility.  Add lively color, art that promotes the positive attributes you desire, flowers and plants and fresh fruits and vegetables, symbols of freedom and expansion, for example. By doing so you’ll be immersing yourself in a positive, optimistic energy flow that will uplift and support your well-being on a daily basis.

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