The Importance of Community

Day 56


I value community.

I make the effort to engage myself in communities with which I have shared interests.

I am grateful for the community of friends/colleagues/like-minded others to which I belong.

I find support and understanding within my communities.

I have something of value to offer others within my communities.

To belong to a community is an inherent part of being human.   Within groups we can find support and reassurance that may not be adequate or available in one-on-one relationships.   A community is no longer restricted to a physical grouping of people for a common interest, now we have virtual communities that can meet the need for group connection and support as well as any.   A community might be a sports team or quilting group, a church choir or a veteran’s organization.  It may also be an online group of social activists, writers or entrepreneurs.   Whatever the community or how it gathers, these groupings are shown to uplift and promote the welfare of its members.  As an added bonus, those who are connected to others through community groups, are known to be happier, healthier and live longer and more fulfilling lives.

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