Celebrate Existence

Day 125 Affirmation: I celebrate life. I celebrate the miracles, joys, successes, bounty, imperfection, health, love, triumph, growth, prosperity, support, opportunities and Presence, in my life. I celebrate the big reveals in the small details. I celebrate living. Life is not always easy but it always holds something to cherish, to honour and to celebrate.  It … More Celebrate Existence

365 Days of Inspiration –  Daily Affirmations and Insights for Living a Joyful Life of Empowered Consciousness —————————–

Look Who’s Talking

Day 109 Affirmation: I act and speak from my loving heart. I offer love. I represent love. I am loving in my thoughts toward others. Along the path toward living consciously many become concerned with the ego and its influences.  We’re often guided to ask ourselves “Am I acting from my ego?”  It is a valid … More Look Who’s Talking

Sending Love

Day 108 Affirmation: I pray for those who suffer. I offer positive thoughts of healing, courage, recovery, and strength to those in need. I send the energy of love where it is needed. It’s easy to watch the happenings of this world and feel pain for those in pain and to suffer along with those who suffer.   … More Sending Love

Dreaming BIG

Day 98 Affirmation: My dreams are as big and as infinite as my imagination. I believe in my dreams and their fulfillment. I let no one and no thing hinder my dream potential. Why do we settle for dreaming small when dreaming big is just as possible?  Because we tend to minimize our own potential, we … More Dreaming BIG

Be the Leaf…

Day 69 Affirmation: I let go my resistance to life’s natural rhythms and allow myself to be carried through change and growth. I surrender my need to control every outcome and circumstance and allow life to unfold naturally. I  surrender to faith. I live with trust. I let go. Surrendering is not giving in or giving up, … More Be the Leaf…

Rising Above

Day 60 Affirmation: I rise above opportunities to express fear and anger. I choose to respond to life with and from love. I choose to be better than the examples others set. I grow and evolve with life’s experiences. I am my own hero. One of life’s great lessons is to rise above and be better for our circumstances … More Rising Above

Be True to Yourself

Day 54 Affirmation: I live true to myself. I listen openly to the ideas of others but decide for myself. I live my own original life. Sometimes we fall like blind sheep over the ledge and into the pit of cultural should’s and shouldn’ts, acceptables and unacceptables, such that what others think becomes a genuinely unconscious factor in our … More Be True to Yourself