Love vs Attachment

Day 234


I let go my need for attachment and reside in my desire to love.

I do not cling; I surrender

I am not compulsive; I am free


Love and fear cannot co-exist, and unhealthy attachment is a compulsion or need that arises from fear.  Love is a state of connectedness that requires vulnerability and surrender; fear promotes insecurity and inner isolation.  Love promotes interdependence within a shared safe space; unhealthy attachment never feels safe for very long and thrives off of a kind of co-dependent wrapping-around another and their life.  Love expands the individual and the heart; attachment diminishes both.  When insecurity arises within the framework of a  and it always will- love faces it promptly and then takes whatever action is necessary to relinquish it, but like fertilizer in a garden of viny, thorny weeds, needy attachment thrives on insecurity and is supported by it.   Love exists in a state of present presence; attachment is always mindful of the pains of the yesterday and fearing the imagined pains of tomorrow.  Attachment is a compulsive need; love is free to want.

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